Mobile Hemoperfusion Machine. Portable convenience: the machine is convenient for its portability. Movable trolley is optional.

JF-800A Information

  • Specifications

    1. Suitable tubing: blood purification extracorporeal circulation tubing with inner diameter of ф8mm and ф6mm
    2. Venous kettle diameter should be φ19~27mm.
    3. Flow adjustment range: 9~450ml/min(ф8mm), 6~300ml/min(ф6mm)
    4. Blood pump flow accuracy: ±5%
    5. Voltage and input power: AC220V, 50 Hz; power is about 200W
    6. Overall noise: about 53dB when blood pump flow is 450ml/min
    7. Main alarming settings
    Air bubble alarming: it is based on ultrasonic detection principle, minimum 0.05ml of air bubble could be detected.
    Liquid level alarming: it is based on infrared light principle which is simple & reliable, no false alarming.
    8. Pressure monitoring and alarming
    Accuracy is ±1kPa
    Venous pressure is -8kPa~+40kPa (-135~+300mmHg)
    Arterial pressure is -20kPa~+38kPa (-150~+285mmHg)
    9. Alarming setting for arterial and venous pressure top/bottom limitation
    10. Other alarming functions: heparin injection finish, heparin chock, warmer overheat, system timing finish, heparin timing finish, pump preset amount finish, open cover, machine high-temperature, environment low-temperature.
    11. Dimensions 310w×240D×430Hmm (without trolley), weight about 15kg (without trolley).

  • Application

    1. Blood pump flow accuracy is ±5%, which is higher than industry standard of ±10%.
    2. Voltage fluctuation range: voltage range AC90~264V could ensure machine to work stably.
    3. Monitoring of interior temperature: it would alarm when interior temperature is higher than 45℃, which could avoid electronic components damage caused by poor thermolysis in high temperature for long time working, so as to prolong machine lifespan.
    4. Portable convenience: the machine is with hand holder which is convenient for its portability. Meanwhile, movable trolley could also be provided at the cost price if the customers need it.
    5. Overall advantages: mating usage together with hemoperfusion cartridges, brand advantage.

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