HA 330 Disposable Hemoperfusion Cartridges

HA330 remove inflammatory mediators and cytokines

HA 330 Disposable Hemoperfusion Cartridges Information

  • Indication

    2.Systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS)
    3.Compensatory anti-inflammatory response syndrome (CARS)
    4.Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS), multiple organ failure (MOF)
    5.Acute necrotic pancreatitis
    6.Multiple trauma, crush syndrome

  • Properties

    Product parameter : HA330
    Loading capacity (ml) : 330±3
    Volumn (ml) : 185±5
    Absorbent material : Styrene divinybenzene copolymers
    Housing material : Polycarbonate
    Sterilization method : Irradiation sterilization
    Unit package : 290mm(L)×105mm(W)×105mm(H) 0.90kg


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