Double Pump Hemodialysis Machine

GP-2015 Information

  • Specifications

    1. Power supply voltage:
    AC220V/110V 50HZ / 60 HZ ,Power: 1500W

    2. Blood pump/spare pump:
    •Flux: 15 ~ 340ml/min (D 6mm)
    20 ~ 460 ml/min (D 8mm)
    3. Heparin pump:
    •Flux: 0ml/h~10ml/h(±5%)
    •Precise: 0.1ml/h
    Injector size: 20ml/30ml/50ml
    10ml/20ml/30ml (selectable)
    4. Arterial pressure:
    •display scope:-300mmHg~+300mmHg
    5. Venous pressure:
    •display scope:-50mmHg~+300mmHg
    body fluids processing oxygenator dialysis solution
    6. Dialysate flow:
    300ml/min~800ml/min linearity adjustable (+10%) (-5%)
    Resolving rate:0.1℃
    Conductivity:13mS/cm~15.5mS/cm (±0.1 mS/cm)

    7. UF flow scope: 0~1800ml/h(±30ml/h )
    8. ISO UF flow scope:0~2000ml/h(±30ml/h)
    9. TMP: Scope:-100mmHg~+600mmHg (±20mmHg)
    10. Blood leakage monitor:
    over 1ml blood per liter dialysate (flow:500ml/min)
    11. Blood level monitor: ultrasonic sensor
    12. Air bubble monitor:
    Infrared and response threshold value:
    Single air bubble of 200 I exists when
    Blood flux is 200ml/min
    13. Inflow pressure:0MPa~0.6MPa
    14. Inflow temperature: 5℃~30℃
    15. Environment temperature: 10℃~30℃,
    Relative humidity≤70%
    16. Rinse/disinfection: chemical disinfection
    (citric acid,peracetic acid and oxalic acid)

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